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At the Legal Tech Academy we specialise in creating the counsel of the future focused on the most in-demand digital and legal skills. It brings together legal counsels to elevate their careers. The program of the Academy focuses on the fast changing (legal) world relating to the role of the (inhouse) counsel. What does the counsel of the future look like? How to be a valuable part of business processes? Together we shape this role during various activities and the academic program.

The group exists of:

– young professionals,

– with a love for data, tech and/or privacy,

– working in a small team,

– that feel like doing fun things with a team during an academic program

What is the program about?

The program offers in-depth training on both legal as digital skills, such as legal design and scrum master. Of course combined with fun activities. The next academy starts in october 2021.

What members say about the Academy

“Future legal professionals have to be interdisciplinary, tech-savvy and executers of change. Legal Tech Academy provides you with tools to become what this future envisions; and on top of that, it is a lot of fun!” ~ Levent

More information? Wanna join?

Let’s have a (virtual) chat! Email Imke at

We are the counsels of the future!

2021 Programme

January – 3 days off site

working on your personal and professional goal

getting to know the group

February – Academy (1 day) deepdive on the GDPR

March – Academy (1 day) deepdive on stakeholdermanagement and communication

April – Academy (1 day) deepdive on social contracting

May – Academy (1 day) deepdive on IT contracts

June – 3 days off site

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Meet the members


Meet the Team

Imke – Legal community builder
Juliette – legal brains
I Chu – Legal Brains
Anoek – Legal developing skills
File (1)
Thomas – people skills

Meet the mentors

Sylvia Huydecoper
Merlijn Mazairac – Rookie Mind
Kea Kroeks
Arne mombers
Brigitte van heerde