The Legal Tech Academy will offer a broad scope of knowledge, personal development and the expansion of the personal network of the member. The Academy is focused on the counsel working in a company in the field of data (protection), tech and/or privacy. It will accompany the counsel of your company into a independent counsel, that knows how to be an essential part of the company processes. A counsel that knows how to get his message across with an eye for company values.

Development areas:

  1. How to act in a company as the ‘defense’ part
  2. Stakeholder management
  3. Legal design
  4. Data protection
  5. Tech contracting
  6. and many more

Time involved: 4 hours a month. The gatherings will take place once a month, on a Friday.

Costs: because this is a pilot phase, the programme and membership are ccurrently for free.

What members say

Future legal professionals have to be interdisciplinary, tech-savvy and executers of change. Legal Tech Academy provides you with tools to become what this future envisions; and on top of that, it is a lot of fun!

Levent ~ Member and compliance specialist at Recharge

It is so cool to see these young (legal) counsels getting away from their desks and becoming essential in the ‘business’ process.

Imke – co-founder Legal Tech Academy

Treur niet om wat voorbij is, lach omdat het gebeurd is.

Dr. Seuss

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