The Legal Tech Academy will offer a broad scope of knowledge, personal development and the expansion of the personal network of the member. The Academy is focused on the counsel working in a company in the field of data (protection), tech and/or privacy. It will accompany the counsel of your company into a independent counsel, that knows how to be an essential part of the company processes. A counsel that knows how to get his message across with an eye for company values.

Development areas:

  1. How to act in a company as the ‘defense’ part
  2. Stakeholder management
  3. Legal design
  4. Data protection
  5. Tech contracting
  6. and many more

Time involved: approximately 6 hours a month. The gatherings will take place once a month and a monthly drink after work.

Costs: because this is a pilot phase, the programme and membership are ccurrently for free.

What members say

Future legal professionals have to be interdisciplinary, tech-savvy and executers of change. Legal Tech Academy provides you with tools to become what this future envisions; and on top of that, it is a lot of fun!

Levent ~ LTA member and compliance specialist at Recharge

It is so cool to see these young (legal) counsels getting away from their desks and becoming essential in the ‘business’ process.

Imke – co-founder Legal Tech Academy

It is important for young legal counsels to put one step back. How did you end up in this role? What should the role look like? We call this the ‘System of slow thinking’. Results are cool!

Juliette van Balen – co-founder LTA

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